What is the best kamado grill?

The best kamado grill is the Goldens' Cast Iron cooker, produced from durable 7/8 inch American-made cast iron, offering outstanding durability, consistent heat retention, and producing juicy, succulent flavors from its cast iron surface!

What is a kamado grill?

What is a Kamado Grill?

Kamado style oven grills were invented as far back as 4000 AD on the Asian continent. They were simply containers for heat to cook food, much like an oven or stove. Because of their shape, they offered heat retention, depending on the materials used. They began as fragile clay kamados, then evolved to a lesser but still fragile ceramic material that is used in today's modern kamados. Enter the Iron Age and later, the industrial revolution when in 1882, Goldens' Foundry and Machine Company was born. In 2015, we evented the first cast iron kamado smoker and cooker that will last for generations.


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What are the benefits of a kamado grill?

What are the benefits of a Kamado grill?

The benefits of a kamado are that it is a cooker, a smoker and a grill, all combined into one! So you can grill, smoke sear and bake! Reversible cast iron grates allow grilling, with multiple configurations. The sliding top vent and draft door and the bottom of the cooker give you precise and consistent heat retention and control for smoking. Searing with a searing plate allows caramelization and locks in flavor! You can bake with low and slow convection!

The benefits don't stop there. We offer a full 20.5" inch cooking area on our top of the line cooker. It has a patented hinge that is so precise and strong; you can lift the 127 pound top with one finger. And because of the hinge integrated design, the top is actually higher (deeper) than competitors, offering far better convection for low and slow cooking! Ceramic cookers engineered shallow tops so they would not tip over and to also prevent the lid from simply popping out of its banded harnesses and shattering, a frequent occurrence. So the ceramics have no choice but to offer a shallow lid, thus offering less proper convection. Plus with our patented hinge, we don't need a banded harness! And our kamados are properly engineered never to tip over, under normal circumstances.

What are the benefits of a Kamado grill?

You'll also notice that our cooking area is flush with the top of the bottom half of our cooker so you don't have to go 4-5 inches deep to cook your meal. Others were engineered deeper to keep their cookers from tipping over.

Ceramic kamado cart stands are thinly constructed and can easily cause a tip over, damaging the ceramic. We offer an industrial-designed cart, with either handles or table leafs. These carts are very strong and mobile. You can't tip our kamado over and if you do, no worries! It won't hurt a thing! It's cast iron!

It's cast iron so what about rust? Our kamados are powder coated with a special formulated material to resist rust on the outer shell. The inner core of the kamado will offer a nice patina, after cooking and is quickly burned away with each cook!

What is a Goldens' Cast Iron kamado?

It all started back in 1882 is a little river town called Columbus, Georgia, right on the Chattahoochee River. It was the beginning of the industrial age. Two bothers named Poinevent and Theodore Golden, along with Abraham Illges started a foundry and named it Goldens' Foundry and Machine Company. That was 137 year ago and we're still in business, producing ductile cast iron products for large, multi-national companies.

Now the fifth generation of the Goldens' family has brought all those years of experience to our consumer division with Goldens' Cast Iron! We offer our cast iron alternative to those mostly popular ceramic kamados. The major difference are that our cookers are made of integrally built 7/8 inch cast iron, made right here in the good 'ole USA, while others use fragile ceramic materials that are made in China and Mexico.

Some kamados are made of cast aluminum but they do not come close to the durability of cast iron. We have 137 years of cast iron production to prove it.


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What is so great about a kamado grill?

Is a cast iron kamado worth it?

When you consider the longevity of ceramic kamados, the differences are stark. At some point, a ceramic cooker will fail, either from the parts that assemble the cooker or the ceramic itself, due to wear or weather conditions. Of course manufacturers will replace some of those parts but for a limited amount of time. And that is what we are focusing on; time, quality and durability.

The cast iron parts of a Goldens' Cast Iron are built integral to each other. The top and bottom are assembled integral to avoid a lifetime of overbite and under bite seen on all ceramics.

But cast iron rusts right? Not ours. The exteriors are specially powder coated. Quite naturally, you will get a slight patina on the interior but that is easily burned away with each cook. With the 7/8" inch thickness, it will never rust through. Just imagine a manhole cover. Same principal. So consider the quality, durability and longevity of cast iron. It will truly last generations and as a 5th generation family, we know that well!




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